It’s your Host Sethi & Stylist Rashi Bindra

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Elevated Grapes is a series of fashion chats led by industry favorite Your Host Sethi and Creative Stylist Rashi Bindra. What started out as two people discussing their love for fashion, wine and food slowly morphed into a concept of sharing their opinions with the world and thus Elevated Grapes was born.From discussing men’s fashion, to industry news they also bring in the lifestyle element to it.  As much as the duo are similar in their outlook and values, they are also different as night and day. He is politically correct, she's opinionated, he thinks before he speaks, she jumps into things, he likes anything sweet, she's all about the savory. Can Sethi and Rashi actually work together in the fashion world?

 Find out on the Elevated Grapes Podcast.




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