Sameer Desai

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Sameer Desai is the founder and host of South Asian Stories.

South Asian Stories is a podcast about South Asians who have ventured down interesting career paths and the stories behind their identities, successes, and failures. Sameer profiles artists, writers, filmmakers, athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and many more. Some of his guests include Asha Rangappa on CNN, Raj Bhavsar with the US Olympic Team, Priya Krishna with NYTimes, filmmaker Gotham Chopra, and musician Madame Gandhi. 

Started in 2018, the podcast has over 5000 listeners across Apple Podcasts, Google, and Spotify and is featured on Rukus Avenue Radio - the #1 South Asian radio station in North America. Sameer holds a BBA in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. He works in marketing at PepsiCo, and currently lives in Dallas with his wife Rachita.




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