Raj & Vik

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As the most highly sought after South Asian DJs in Southern California, Raj & Vik have been entertaining crowds since 1995. With their creative mixing skills and quick ability to read the energy in any room, they are highly regarded as Southern California's premier entertainers.  

The duo has had the honor of performing in front of dignitaries, celebrities, sports stars and travel the United States. For the South Asian scene, if it's an event that "matters" you can bet, they will be there. 

Raj is the DJ who has been credited by clients, professionals and his peers as the guy who knew how to put life in a microphone, turntables and especially the party for Southern California's South Asian scene. 

Vik Dee is a true musician by nature, Vik Dee has a unique ability to masterfully play drums, DJ and produce original music. Vik’s musical talents have allowed him to work with to produce and compose music for Bollywood and Hip Hop artists at an international level.




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