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MC J.D. was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Surrounded by an array of diverse sounds and cultures he has been influenced by many, at it reflects in his versatile rhyming style. Some call it a aural mosaic, others describe it as a new style, but call it what you want – Its MC J.D. signature. With a multitude of cultures and sub cultures surrounding his in his youth it has refined both his Punjabi roots and urban upbringing. From a young age JD was surrounded by a heavy western, UK and Caribbean influences; this definitely shows on his emceeing skills.

 MC JD was the rapper on top hits such as:

  • Tere Mere – E=MC / Tej Gill / MC JD

  • Ishq Brandy – DJ H  - Lehmber Husseinpuri / MC JD

  • Affair – Deep Jandu - Elly Mangat / MC JD

Currently he is the owner operator of a studio called The Devil’s Lair. He is also the founder and CEO of the record label iSmashhouse.  JD continues to provide his fans with new music on a continuous basis. Far from settling for mediocrity, JD has excelled and surpassed many that have tried to do what he is doing. From emceeing in front of thousands at an Electronic festival, to performing at hip-hop events to performing to a packed house of Bhangra music lovers; he has done it all. 

MC JD’s show for Rukus Avenue Radio will feature Indian Electronica, Jungle, DnB, Grime, World Hiphop, Dancehall, Exclusive unreleased music and future bangers - as well as special guest DJs, mini mixes, interviews and discussions.

  •  2012 Recipient of the Citizens Award for Acclaim in the Arts - City of Brampton.

  • Television Host - Asian Television Network - Made of Music (13 Episodes aired internationally, broadcast on 42 channels in 15 countries)




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