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UN-other is an audio offering and perspective of music, stories, and conversations from my communities to your ears.


Gurpreet Chana is one of Canada’s leading tabla fusion artists. A producer, engineer, composer and performer, his music juxtaposes the time­ honoured tradition of the tabla with a dizzying array of musical styles. A student of the tabla since the age of three, Chana has performed on stages internationally and collaborated with renowned artists from around the world.

  • Gurpreet is popularly and lovingly known as ‘The Tabla Guy’

  • TABLIX is his custom and groundbreaking integration of the tabla with modern day music production technology. TABLIX connects the tabla instrument & artform with the infinite possibilities of the digital to create a new mode of artistic expression

  • Gurpreet plays the Hang, a rare hand crafted sound sculpture from Switzerland developed by PANArt 19 years ago

  • kLoX is the Live PA project of Gurpreet Chana with Robert Mason integrating modulated Tabla & electronically processed Violin with computer aided performance technology to create uniquely engineered rhythmic patterns and a sonically explosive soundscape




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