DJ Swami &

Casey Rain

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Pioneering in his production as DJ Swami, his brand new radio show at Rukus Avenue is one of our highlights at this station. The Phaseshift show is also co-hosted by Casey Rain and airs every Friday.

  • DJ Swami’s recent UK, USA and India touring collaboration PunjabTronix has been receiving global acclaim for it’s fusion of technology and tradition mixing electronica with live Indian Punjabi folk instruments and hypnotic visuals

  • He is twice winner of the UKAMA Best Producer Award for his electronic Indian albums ‘DesiRock’ and ‘EQUALIZE.’ Swami’s music is featured in many movies and video games

  • As co-founder of Simon and Diamond, he has produced a diversity of platinum selling artists including Shania Twain, Apache Indian and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Ivor Novello, Mercury Music Prize and Grammy nominations




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