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Handa has a PhD in sociology, and she is not shy about linking cultural insight and a dance-floor high. Her main influences included Birmingham, England's Apache Indian, who mixed reggae and dancehall with bhangra and Bollywood.

  • Handa published the book Of Silk Saris and Mini-Skirts: South Asian Girls Walk the Tightrope of Culture in 2003, based on her doctoral thesis, is happy to see Indian fusion making the mainstream.

  • She plays a lot of Indian weddings. In the beginning, there was a gap between younger people and their parents, who were reluctant to accept the new music. "Now, everyone will dance on the dance floor.”

  • Handa is credited as one of the city's musical pioneers along with DJ Zara who both have breathed fresh beats into Toronto's predictable gay club scene when they launched their Funkasia nights a few years ago.




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