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Anuj Rastogi is a Toronto-based writer, spoken word poet and music composer. Anuj's worldly sensibilities and use of word play and narrative storyline have been integral in his studio, film music, live performance and spoken word poetry work. Anuj now brings his broad perspectives about social, political, personal and the human experience to the world as host of the AwokenWord Podcast.

  • Since 2003, Rastogi has produced and/or been featured in over 50 live performances as a composer, producer, musician, spoken word artist, video producer and writer

  • Under the alias "Omnesia", Rastogi's studio and live music projects span various styles, including hip-hop, rock, orchestral, EDM, and Hindustani classical. Has scored for feature films, television and produced music videos and documentary films.

  • Rastogi founded the AwokenWord Podcast in 2018 out of a deep desire to surface nuanced, meaningful conversations that  reconnect with our shared humanity.




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