Movements we Care About

At Rukus Avenue, we’ve always kept a keen eye on making a social impact. We want to make an impact with our listeners and activate change. Our history of working with President Obama on a project to end bullying to working to end Human Trafficking with the United Nations, our focus is to find cause in our work has always been at the center of our attention.


The White House Album


Featuring 25 songs specifically put together to help educate and fight bullying in our youth. With a special introduction by President Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama, the album features some of the most prominent names in Asian American culture.

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The United Nations Album

human trafficking

Known as the largest collection of artists to ever come together for a charity album, Rukus Avenue collaborated with the United Nations to put together 55 artists and a complete 60 tracks to help end Human Trafficking around the world.


Pick a Cause

Pick a Cause, ANY Cause, but make sure you pick one and make a difference.


New Light India

The mission of New Light is to promote gender equality through education and life skill training thereby reducing harm caused by violence and abuse to women and children.


in a perfect world

In our Perfect World, young people have opportunities, tools for success and voices. Powers that inspire them to make a meaningful change. We bring education, mentoring, and art to communities.


Asian for miracle marrow matches

A3M focuses on recruiting marrow donors and diversifying the Be The Match registry.



South Asian Americans leading Together is an organization the fights for injustice.



Maitri helps families facing domestic violence, abuse, or family conflict.

Any of these missions resonate with you? Reach out and find out how you can contribute.


Events we Support

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Rukus Avenue Radio is a proud media sponsor of Bollywood Monster Mashup! Catch our hosts D-Boy, Dr. Amitha Mundenchira, Tony Singh and Krystal Kiran mc'ing on stage this weekend in front of thousands of people.

Dazzling colours, intoxicating beats, classical instruments melding with modern sounds, beautiful people, and beautiful designs. And, of course, dreaming BIG, monstrously big! With its very existence, Bollywood has the ability to bring cultures together through festival and celebration. Vikas Kohli, a musical man himself, dreamed the monster dream too. And, the end result? He created the LARGEST South Asian Festival in Canada, #BollywoodMonster Mashup, an event that shares the elegant yet ecstatic Bollywood culture with everyone. An event that helps bring cultures together.