A partnership and a larger platform in the works!


Los Angeles based Rukus Avenue is North America’s pre-eminent South Asian music, media and film company, with a history spanning 22 years and a reach across North America. 

Rukus Avenue’s Founder & CEO Sammy Chand was instrumental behind-the-scenes and on-air for the launch of Viacom’s MTV Desi network in America during the 2000’s, and has been a central figure in the evolution of South Asian culture in North America.


Rukus Avenue’s Vice President Raoul Juneja has been the world’s foremost South Asian music programmer for the past 10 years, programming South Asian music videos for film festivals around the world as well as several radio and TV shows in Canada. Most recently Raoul pitched and programmed the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s first South Asian music streams, hosted under their CBC Music banner exclusively available for online listening in Canada.

We’re have partnered with DJ Skee and Dash Radio in the formation of a brand new radio station called Rukus Avenue Radio. 


Rukus Avenue Radio is focused on providing South Asian oriented content from a North American perspective to a global marketplace, and will range from music and lifestyle to politics, all the way to the hottest red carpets in Bollywood. 

This is North America’s first mainstream South Asian radio channel, available on the Dash Radio platform around the world through DashRadio.com or through App stores and all other streaming partners such as YouTube, Apple, & Spotify.

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