How Rukus Avenue Radio is relevant for your brand

Rukus Avenue Radio is for anyone with affinity for South Asian culture. We expect listeners from all over the world, of not only South Asian or Indian decent, but for all listeners that access to our station through its many distribution points.  We see India as the centerpiece of our market, but inevitably the audience  will be global.

Our programs and hosts have been carefully selected to represent different pockets of South Asian culture all around the world, including several shows anchored in India. Dash Radio’s current studios located in the United States are available to all Rukus Avenue Radio hosts free of charge, and that includes current plans to open Dash Radio studios in several Indian cities in 2019.
Our deal with Dash Radio cover all licensing costs of not only songs played directly on the Dash Radio platform, but for all subsequent streaming platforms, both video and audio. The syndication of these shows through formats that are accessible like YouTube and Spotify and Apple, allow us to reach greater audiences than before. 

Also, Rukus Avenue Radio has the ability to archive all of its programming on its website, and all streams of the programming are covered from a licensing perspective. This allows us to build a strong culture through our own storefronts

India Market

  • 900 Million South Asians around the world will have broadband access in 3-5 years.

  • 76% of People that listen to Radio listen to it through mobile devices

  • 67% of Indians listen to FM Radio everyday

  • 86% of people in big cities listen to Radio

  • Radio is second most accessed media platform behind television

  • Radio growth is at a 16% rate this year 2018

There is a large untapped opportunity in North America to entertain and engage a brand savvy high spending target audience.

USA Market

  • The highest annual median household income among all U.S. ethnic groups.

  • 64% Bachelor’s Degree

  • 40% Master’s Degree

  • Combined disposable income of $88 billion

  • Estimated annual buying power of $20 billion

  • 73% are employed in the workforce;

  • 57% are employed in managerial or professional specialties.

  • Online Usage

  • Broadband at home – 80%

  • Use mobile devices – 90%

  • Engage Social Media – 76%

Canada Market

  • Largest and fastest growing ethnic group in Canada

  • 46 billion dollar market

  • Average household income for South Asians is $86,320, 4% above the mainstream Canadian population.

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